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Boris the 20 ft high model T-REX!

The Genesis Expo is the largest Creation Museum in the UK, managed by the Charity known as the Creation Science Movement – CSM. The Genesis Expo is located on The Hard in the touristic heart of Portsmouth, a minutes walk from the railway station at Portsmouth Harbour, opposite the bus station, within view of the Historic Dockyard and HMS Warrior; so there is plenty to see for a whole day out for all the family.

Greeting the visitors in the entrance hall is “Boris”, a giant 20 ft. long model of a Dinosaur. He can Roar and children are fascinated by him. The Expo is home to various other smaller Dinosaurs.

Inside is a fossil shop, and many books and videos for sale, as well as leaflets and pamphlets. Each has been selected to be of good quality and approved in that the creation information it contains is generally conforming to the views held by the CSM Council.

Visit the Genesis Expo on The Hard in Portsmouth.

FREE ADMISSION! – Open all year 11 am – 4 pm Tuesday – Saturday and bank holidays. We close from the 24th December – 2nd January. A Map is on the Finding us page. Post code is PO1 3DT for Sat Nav. To find out what else you can do in the city, visit the Portsmouth website HERE.

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Welcome to the Genesis Expo – Creation Science Movement

This is an historical video from our archive and includes some history on how the Genesis Expo was created. It is still a very relevant talk and walk through on some of our displays in the exhibition.

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The Creation Science Movement is the oldest creationist movement in the world. Founded in 1932 as “The Evolution Protest Movement” by a small group of Christians concerned by the propaganda that was promoting the theory of evolution as if scientifically proven, it has grown in strength over the years.

The aims of the Creation Science Movement are:

  • To show that the Scriptures, and in particular those that bear on Creation, are reliable.
  • To lecture on Creation Science at universities, schools and churches.
  • To publish and distribute the journal ‘Creation’, pamphlets, books, video and audio demonstrating that the biblical account of special Creation is supported by true science.

CSM has charitable status (Charity no: 801745)

CSM subscribers receive a quarterly journal and a new pamphlet in every mailing. Membership is open to all faiths.

  • To become a Member please visit our subscription page HERE.
  • A PDF archive of our previous Journals can be viewed on this website by clicking HERE.
  • View our Statement of Faith on this website by clicking HERE.

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New Book Added! – The Authenticity of the New Testament

Part 2: Acts, The Epistles and Revelation

The critics of the Bible claim that Acts was not written by Luke, but is a 2nd century composition based on oral traditions. Similarly, the letters of 2 Peter and Jude should be excluded from the canon of Scripture. Dr Cooper gives us extra-biblical evidences to show that the whole of the New Testament was written and in circulation during the eye-witness period of AD 30 to 70. There is archaeological evidence such as inscriptions on stone referring to men named in the Book of Acts. There are documents such as the fragment of Revelation on a 1st century papyrus, and several fragments of other New Testament books, including 2 Peter, found in cave 7 near the Dead Sea, a cave sealed by the Roman military in AD 68.

Here we learn about Roman laws of adoption, explaining why Saul of Tarsus changed his name to Paul, enabling him to appeal to Caesar. This book concludes with an appendix showing how the Codex Sinaiticus, claimed by the critics to be the oldest and most accurate version of the Bible, is actually a 19th century forgery. Sadly, it has since influenced most modern versions of the Holy Bible. Footnotes and an extensive bibliography enable the reader to delve further into the remarkable facts that this volume unearths.


MAIL ORDER – for mail ordering, download the form HERE print it, fill it out and post it with your cheque enclosed to the following address – CSM, PO Box 888, Portsmouth PO6 2YD

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