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The Genesis Expo Creation Museum consists of a fossil shop, a book shop including videos. Inside the Aladdin’s Cave is an exhibition of 12 dioramas. A rolling video is played on the mezzanine with seating for six. AND a clutch of GENUINE fossilised dinosaur eggs + more.


For a brief video tour showing some of our dioramas at the Genesis Expo please click HERE

Creation Displays
Aladdin’s Cave
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Free Admission!

The 12 dioramas are on Creation themes and include audio commentary, some combined with video. The commentary can be heard on individual earphones – four at each booth.

A wide range of topics are examined, with some of the dioramas being animated. The whole exhibition takes about 35 minutes to listen to and watch, giving our guests plenty to think about.


Creation Dioramas
12 Dioramas

The displays are presented in an easily understood format, so those with little scientific knowledge can see the enormous amount of Science that is against evolution but supports Creation. Pamphlets are for sale on the mezzanine and Books and Videos downstairs, making deeper study on these topics possible.

The Genesis Expo also have a 45 minute video on the mezzanine, played continuously, with a seating capacity for six people.


Fossilised Dragonfly
Fossilised Dragonfly

The topics covered include –

* The impossibility of life forming from chemicals.

* Chinese calligraphy refers back to Genesis.

* The present day forms remain unchanged from their fossil counterparts.

* Geological sediments are laid down rapidly.

* A study of genetics shows that all humanity came from one man and one woman.

* and many other subjects.

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