A Day of Lectures with Dr Bill Cooper – Part 2

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The Creation Science Movement hosted “A day of lectures by Dr Bill Cooper” on May 13, 2017. The ‘The English Churchman’ was in the audience and kindly wrote some reviews on the two topics covered. First discussion was the “Forging of the Codex Sinaiticus” and secondly “New Testament Fragments amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

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Modern Bibles undermined by forged Manuscripts

This is the second of three parts of our report on the lectures given by Dr Bill Cooper on May 13th in Portsmouth.

Footnotes in modern Bibles such as the NIV and the ESV and even in the so called New King James Version, tell us that Mark 16:9-20 is not in the earliest and best manuscripts. By this the publishers mean that this passage is not in the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus manuscripts. Yet this end of Mark is an account of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course the resurrection is still in the other three Gospels but, the critics say, Mark was the earliest Gospel so if the resurrection is not there but was added later, then the resurrection was a deception!

Yet the resurrection is vital to the Christian faith! Despite the fact that this type of criticism of the Bible has destroyed millions of souls, it is followed by the United Bible Societies and, largely unwittingly, by millions of evangelicals including many pastors and Bible college lecturers. Is it any wonder that the West is rejecting Christianity to adopt the easy going atheism that plays into the hands of our sinful nature?

However, Dr Cooper explained that the evidence for Mark is as plain as day. The resurrection section of Mark was not added to the Bible but rather a forger removed it from both Sinaiticus and Vaticanus. The evidence, he said, is so obvious that a child could see it. The same forger meddled with both Sinaiticus and Vaticanus and left behind the same evidence of his crime. Criminals always leave some tracks but this one was not even careful. This was explained as follows: Two leaves folded and stitched together makes a quire of 8 pages. To substitute a page you need to replace a whole quire. In both Vaticanus and Sinaiticus a whole quire that includes the end of Mark’s Gospel is in a different handwriting to the rest of the manuscripts. There is a gap exactly the right size which would have been filled with Mark 16:9-20 and, most shocking of all, both replacement quotes are written by the same hand! Therefore both Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, though written by two different people, both have Mark 16:9-20 removed by the same criminal. The two manuscripts are both fake witnesses! Simonides said what pages his signature was on but it had been obliterated on each page. Perhaps Tischendorf himself did this. One such erasure was done with India ink which is of 19th Century manufacture. On other pages are square holes, works in progress by a forger, and not done by any worm. Real wormholes would match between pages in a book but they don’t match in Sinaiticus. On another page the writing is smaller in a place to avoid an existing wormhole and on another the writing stops and starts either side of a hole, proving that the writing was added later.

In the 1950s the Jesuits were still at work as Vaticanus was coming under attack. So Papyrus 75 appeared, but some were suspicious of its Jesuit provenance. Produced by Louis Doutreleau (1909-2005), a French Jesuit priest, the supplier of the Bodmer and Chester Beatty libraries, it was sold in 1952 to Martin Bodmer. The papyrus contained the Vaticanus text of the end of Luke and beginning of John and was said to date from 175 AD. But it couldn’t be opened. Doutreleau nevertheless knew what was on it! Doutreleau said he bought it in Cairo. Because it agrees entirely with Vaticanus, it resides today in the Vatican Library and is called the Mother text (Mater verbi)! But it is no more than a clumsy forgery.

In recent years the “Gospel of Jesus wife” surfaced from the Vatican! Yet it has no margin, appalling handwriting and it copies errors from an interlinear Gospel of Thomas. It was said to have come from a German who wanted to remain anonymous. If its intent were not so poisonous, it would be laughable. Other known Vatican forgeries are legion and date from the infamous Donation of Constantine, which gave all powers of the Roman empire to the Popes. Valla exposed this. Other forgeries include “The Letter of St Peter” and “The Decretals of Isidore”. The Vatican just smiles at these forgeries yet, by them, the Popes oppressed the world for centuries. Today Sinaiticus, along with Vaticanus, which nevertheless disagrees with Sinaiticus in thousands of places, form the basis of all new Bibles. Both were forged to sow doubt and confusion about the true Bible. Sinaiticus was written out in the 19th Century. Vaticanus is written out in a 15th Century hand.

The true text is the Received Text! In 1453 all the Greek manuscripts of the Received Text were sent here after the fall of Constantinople to escape destruction by the Turks. Erasmus noticed immediately how different they were from the Latin Vulgate corruption. From its earliest days (4th century) no one was permitted to read any other version than the Vulgate on pain of death, and it is no coincidence that shortly after the arrival of the Received Text in the west, Codex Vaticanus was forged to counter it. Why should the Vatican be so vehemently opposed to the Bible that they should do these things? The answer is simple. The Vatican is all about power, not religion. It has nothing to do with Bible-based Christianity. It is why for centuries – up until the 20th Century in fact – they would burn alive whenever they could any who would live as godly Bible-believing Christians. But let us be clear. Our attack is not against Catholic people. They too are amongst the Vatican’s victims. Every Catholic’s faith has been betrayed recently by the present Pope who now says that all will go to heaven whether Catholic or not – even atheists!

Yet even while Rome tries to destroy the Bible, people are still saved by it in their millions. So the Vatican, along with its hordes of Bible critics, has wasted its time. You can burn Bibles, and you can burn the people who read them. But you cannot rob the Word of God of its power to save. They will realise that one Day.

Part 3 to follow