Dr Diane Eager of Creation Research Australia

Event Details

Two lectures by Dr Diane Eager of Creation Research Australia

  • Saturday 10th November 2018
  • 13:30 to 17:00 (1.30pm to 5pm)
  • Park & Ride on M275. Nearby car parks available. Nearby catering premises.
  • Portsmouth Harbour Rail & Bus station half a mile away.
  • Entry will be free but there will be a freewill offering to help Diane’s expenses.


“Created for the Good World, Surviving in the fallen World”. 

This will look at some examples of God’s brilliant design and how the processes normally ascribed to evolution, e.g. natural selection, are evidence of fallen world, rather than a world evolving upwards.

“Mutations are Us, but we are not evolving”. 

This looks at how human mutations are evidence for a good world gone wrong, and that Genesis is the real history of the real world.

VENUE: Groundlings Theatre, Kent St, Portsmouth PO1 3BS

www.csm.org.uk / www.genesisexpo.org.uk