New Book Added! – The Authenticity of Joshua

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Is the Book of Joshua nothing more than a book of myths? Was it written nigh a thousand years after the events it pretends to treat of? Had the 15th-century BC Canaanite kings truly never heard of Joshua, and do they not mention him or his people, or even the fall of Jericho in their surviving correspondence?
According to the critics, the answer to the first two of these questions is yes. The answer to the third is no. So what is the poor Bible reader to do? And how is the Bible-believing Christian supposed to cope with such scholarly assurances?
We shall see.

In this study – as in all the other studies in the Authenticity series – we shall not merely allow the Book of Joshua to speak for itself, but shall listen very carefully to the many witnesses of old who are happy to testify to its authenticity. And we shall not just consider the macro-evidence of archaeology which the critics have too readily – and all too hastily – dismissed. We shall make our special study all those microscopic, unsuspected and sometimes hidden details which are there to be found, details which no forger could ever hope to have got right, and of which he could never have been aware.

It is not simply a question of whether the Book of Joshua is historically authentic or not. There are many books that claim historical authenticity for the facts cited in them. This is a much larger Question, for it touches not only the integrity of Joshua but also the integrity of God whose Word this is. If Joshua is full of lies, which the critics have always claimed, then what would that say of its Author? This present study, it is greatly hoped, will go some way at least to repudiating and exposing the calumnies of modern Bible criticism.