Excerpts from visitors’ book 2016

Once again visitor numbers for the year to February 2017 topped the 8,000 mark, and as usual the visitors’ book had many comments:

Fossils, Books, Videos, Creation Science Movement

What a wonderful place to bring children; a mini museum of life.

I love this place – you stand strong.

Excellent exhibition; learnt a lot.

A real pleasure and should be taught in school rather than the rubbish we feed our children now.

This is amazing! I love it. / This place is fantastic! Very interested in this sort of stuff.

Impressed by your displays – love the bear! (Colorado)

Staff comment on defaced pages : This vandalism was caused by a drunken person.

Even better than last time I came.

Excellent! My kids will enjoy the fossils.

Nicely done exhibition – rational, not in your face. Good to see the other side of the coin given a chance.

Fascinating (Canada)

Thank you very much! Good place, plenty of information and very nice person in charge of your shop.

Very educational (John aged 11)/Lots and lots of fossils (Rubyann age 9)/Great gift shop (Obie age 6)

Love the Chinese language & incendiary beetle display. A joy to be here- thank you.

Brilliant find! For a teenager who’s always been dinosaur mad. Lovely reasonably priced gift shop.

Cool museum type place (birthday today!!)

Science is utterly fascinating and shows us so much.

Thanks for a lovely, free, interesting time – 5 Stars.

Beautiful! (Australia)


Can’t believe we have only just found this place! It’s brilliant and my 7yr old son was enthralled -thank you!

Gill was delightful and chatty. However, faith in the existence of a Christian god has no place in science.

Accidentally stumbled across this interesting place & enjoyed it.

I used to come here with my older daughter when she was smaller and she’s never forgotten the arguments she learnt here. What she experienced here she uses in her studies now, and the different ways of thinking have helped her develop her thoughts.

Very informative and cleverly put together- thank you.

Love the museum. Found the ideal Christmas present.

One cannot argue with the TRUTH! Fantastic to see it so clearly presented for all to see. Keep it up!

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