Excerpts from visitors’ book 2018

Once again visitor numbers for the year to February 2019 topped the 8,000 mark, and as usual the visitors’ book had many comments:

Fossils, Books, Videos, Creation Science Movement

It was a complete surprise and a delight – a wonderful treat. The people who work here are kind and it was a wonderful experience. I got a crystal.

This is so refreshing! I hesitate to visit fossil shops because of all the evolutionary theory that is pushed. We totally are in agreement with creation of species. Lovely shop!

This is a spiritual landmark … and I pray will continue its good work to bless the churches of England and challenge the assumptions of popular science.

Have had a wonderful time walking through and listening and looking at the various exhibits. Well done! This is not a popular message, but an important one to hear if we are going to think intelligently about the origins of the universe, God, who we are and why we are. Thank you! A H


My children and I loved walking through the Expo and reading the information. This place is truly a lighthouse! May God bless you for proclaiming the truth about His creation.

It is so refreshing to meet with common sense where it is so difficult and rare to find it today : science.

Fantastic way to explain about Creation.

I like this exhibition – it makes you think.

A hidden gem of a museum- very interesting and atmospheric, stimulating and challenging.

It is amazing! The exhibitions are beautiful and the arguments and facts are extraordinary.

Great experience -good to see the truth shown.

I really enjoyed my visit today. My favourite part was the T-rex as he is really cool!  From Harvey 11.

Well worth a visit from Yorkshire

Praise God for His wonderful Creation

Amazing place full of interest

Lovely place to browse,and cheap shop to buy presents

Fab place -completely unexpected – will be back soon and regular

Amazing collection! My mind boggles about who & how it was all gathered together. Possibly much better than the major museums of the world. Carol from Australia

Very interesting, especially after visiting the other local museums + recently the Natural History Museum in London

This place is awsom (sic)

Staff were very helpful and we purchased what we were looking for

School biology lessons always left me with many more questions than answers. Some were answered here todaay

Really brilliant place. Very interesting interpretation of the evidence.

A great resource; very clear narratives and displays.

Very informative. Love the dinosaur eggs,but never knew you were here – a hidden gem.

Better than most of the museums

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